Harley Davidson Softail

Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010

Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010
Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010

Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010    Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010

This piece is compatible with the models and years of motorcycles mentioned in the title of the advertisement. Kit power command v dynojet brand. Specific kit for mounting plug and play on the original beam. Products from major brands in stock at incredible prices, so what's the secret? We can't tell you, but one thing is sure, stock is limited.

These photos are for example, they give you an idea of a similar product once installed on the bike, but may not concern the item for your bike. The power control is an injection adjustment housing, which connects in series between the injectors and the ecu of the motorcycle, without modification for the connection as it takes over the original connections of your motorcycle, for easy and quick installation.

It allows to reprogram the injection parameters, to obtain the best ratio of air to fuel in order to optimize engine efficiency, regardless of engine speed and gas opening position. The power control allows you to obtain infinite adjustment possibilities without changing the original configuration of the motorcycle's electronic power station, because once the unit is removed, the bike will resume its original configuration. By installing a power control, you will notice a marked improvement in the performance of your bike, with better acceleration and better behavior. The basic mapping proposed by the power command allows for good performance optimization, but this remains studied for the engine of the vehicle on which the mapping was set by dynojet during its development. So if you want to mount this power control on another vehicle, you will have to modify the map given to actually optimize its performance.

Anyway, even by using the basic map of the power command, we advise you to use a qualified professional preparer, such as our dear #thornbikes who will be happy to optimize the settings and get you a map "to the small onions" for your speed. The power command comes with a basic map (cartography) recorded in its microprocessor. Other maps are downloadable so that the injection fits perfectly with the motorcycle accessories, for example when changing the original exhaust, or the air filter. With a computer, it is possible to change alternative maps or make changes from existing maps. Coupled with other dynojet accessories, the power command allows you more extensive uses, such as activation of the shifter option, etc.

Adjustment of the fuel over a range -100 / +250 % relative to the origin. Dimensions: 80x55x15mm, smaller and less bulky than the power command iii. More environment options to refine settings, and more ease of setting compared to pciii. A little history of the brand?

In 1973, it was necessary to return to the United States, with a group of brothers passionate about motorcycles, but also (and above all) about speed. Among these three self-taught mechanics, Mark dobeck proved to have a real talent for adjustment. During the races, his talents had not gone unnoticed. Except that, in 1978, Mark had become so busy making adjustments for others that he no longer had time to ride for himself.

It is then that he decides to charge for his services, giving his new company the name of dynojet. Its first creation, carburettor setting kits (jet kits).

These kits, specific to each motorcycle model, essentially took control of the air-to-fuel ratio, allowing drivers to quickly obtain a better setting and thus performance of their motorcycle, without having to spend hours performing disassembly / winding / testing before finding the optimal setting. These jet kits met with real success, and dynojet then wanted a way to check the power gains provided by their settings.

Unfortunately, the hydro dynamometers of the time were too imprecise, so in 1989 the company created the first inertia dynamometer, simulating the conditions of the road with a rotary drum. The accuracy of its results allowed it to become one of the company's flagship products and raised dynojet among the references in the world of settings. Of course, Dynojet did not miss the arrival of the injection engines, with the creation of the famous power command in the late 1990s. Initially very cumbersome, the innovation to rewrite the ECU code quickly took the form of a compact electronic case as we know it today. It was at that time that the company opened its 2nd site for R&D at the vegas.

With the success of the power control, dynojet passes an additional step in 2011, when it cracks the ECU code, and develops the power vision, which allows to change the original settings of a motorcycle by performing an update of the ECU program (which is called 'flasher' the ECU). In conclusion, optimizing vehicle performance is a philosophy at dynojet. More than just know-how for the brand, power gain is an obsession. The reliability of the products combined with the precision of the settings justifies the credibility and global reputation of the company. Our guarantees: Satisfied or Satisfied!

Product in stock in france. Delivery of the package with follow-up within 24 hours. A quality product conforming to the description. To get to know us better. Avdb motorcycle is a French company and brand, created and based since 2011 in the south of France, where it is good to live, where it is good to ride.

Over the years, we have specialized exclusively in motorcycle accessories. Our catalogue has expanded considerably and continues to evolve over time, with several tens of thousands of references carefully stored in more than 2000m2 of warehouses located a few meters from our store and offices. Having a catalogue of thousands of references is good, but for avdb it is not enough. It is essential for us to have them available in stock. We therefore sell only products that we are able to deliver to you without delay.

When you order from our shop, we ship your parcel within 24 hours. And if a stock error were to happen, then we will open everything, within 24 hours too, to find together the solution that suits you. The seriousness and helpfulness we show on a daily basis in our store have helped build a lasting relationship, and trust with bikers in our region. We apply the same passion and philosophy to all customers with whom we exchange only by phone or behind a screen.

We give ourselves the means to continue this full satisfaction of our customers, this goes through. Do you have a doubt or a question about the play? The advantage of having it in stock and within reach allows us to check live and answer you. Avdb is a French company, but also a European company.

Our ambition is to serve the biker wherever he is, and in the best way possible. To do this, we have an international hub in our team, offering you, in addition to French, an opportunity to exchange in English, Italian, German, and Spanish. What better way to communicate and understand each other! In case of a problem?

At avdb you get a service that is available, competent, and personalized. If on receipt of the product it does not meet your expectations, we will be able to find an amicable solution if you wish, and of course the return and refund will never be problematic.

And if the product fails within months of its acquisition, know that it is subject to a guarantee that we will not try to avoid. Beyond a sale, you can count on the full availability and investment of our avdb team to serve you, and make you a satisfied biker. Do not hesitate to contact us to know your benefits! Avdb motorcycle - 7 rue gustave eiffel 31140 aucamville - france Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6:30pm. To follow us, to exchange, and even to know each other better, we are also present on.

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Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010    Dynojet Power Vison Harley Davidson Flstc Heritage Softail Classic 2001-2010