Harley Davidson Softail

Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles

Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles
Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles

Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles   Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles
Harley softail dyna touring sportster chrome blade skull cone propeller axles. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. The evaluation profile is 73208. Right of return for 1 month carefully selected high quality products in stock. From Tuesday to Friday from 15 to 17 clock. 5 kx / k 50 / mk 50.

Mk half mk / mk 3 / mk 4. Ultra / gt / gx / supra. Gts / ks / k / sx.

C / cs / cx / shark. Z / zd / za / zr / a / zs / zx. Harley softail dyna touring sportster glide blade spinner axle nut chrome.

Offered is a new blanket recess axle 2 pieces kit chrome spinner blade skull by küryakyn in high quality compatible harley: softail from 1984 to 2006, apart from springer, rocker and small groups. Glide e-glide road, glide road king glide road king from 1980 to 1999. Dyna from 1991 to 2003 with 39mm fork. Dimensions: 22mm diameter, mounting with mounting screws 140mm outer diameter, 87mm high. Specialist in the motorcycle industry, we know what we mean!

Property available directly from the hotel's own shares. Development and production in-house product. Self test for all engine parts, ignition parts and carburetor. A complete range for all moped, scooter and German and Japanese moped manufacturers. Daily shipping, cash receipts are considered 14am. Free phone and written support for purchase and technology. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse quam leo, faucibus eget ultrices ut, condimentum id elit. We have a tortor sed vitae nunc imperdiet posuere quis non dolor sit amet.

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Mécène diam velit, tincidunt rutrum porttitor vitae, pretium non erat. Whole therefore pulvinar ipsum, vel placerat lacinia metus luctus. In lorem nisi, a dictum bibendum sit amet, blandit un elit. Phasellus vel odio and mauris pellentesque tirade masculine. Crash hendrerit id elit arcu consectetur ultricies. Pellentesque porttitor vehicula of eleifend. After buying the salary is quite simple. We ship by dpd as insured parcel and with certified mail. So you can order so many items with free shipping.

It is only calculated once the highest cost of shipping the items ordered. If you want to buy additional items from us, please complete the checkout process only about 10 minutes. After the last purchase of.

Only buy everything and then go into the purchase. Our system combines everything in one order.

If you have gone through the purchase and already purchased new item, you must notify us so that we can summarize and then you only have to pay a fee. Please wait with your payment until all items are combined! Freight transport takes place exclusively as a package with dpd or registered with dhl (post).

The resulting delivery cost is - if no versandkostenfreie material is offered (for germany) - not included in the purchase price and separately by the customer to be transported. Important: we do not run a store.

A pickup or visit items in advance is not possible because stock is handled externally. Only then can we ensure low prices continue through these cost savings. Transfer you transfer the amount of the invoice by bank transfer or iban / bic.

You will receive our bank details after the conclusion of the order process. You can check the status of your order online at any time. Important: in case of payment in advance (bank transfer) please make sure to use during which you receive at the end of the purchase. Thanks to the immediate credit of your payment, you will receive your goods even faster. Otherwise, payments can not be allocated and shipping delayed.

Terms and consumer information /. (1) The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts between norbert edinger. Akazienweg 17, 68809 neulußheim, Germany - hereinafter called supplier - and the customer. Participation of the customer's own terms contradicted.

Farm for a purpose that is neither commercial nor independent professional activity. Entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or a legal person. (3) the language of the contract is German. The full text of the contract will not be saved by the supplier.

Sending the order in the printed contract data using the browser print function or. After receiving the order offered, the order data. Information required by law for distance and large contracts.

Object of the contract is the sale of goods. The details, especially the essential. Characteristics of the properties found in the description of the object and additional information on the. It is, in addition, a collection of goods directly from us is possible, this must be a phone pickup date to deposit it in the phone not purchase. There is no store available.

Brand Information We are not an official distributor of harley davidson, harley. It does not interest us items at our home were ready, licensed, sponsored or supported by the above mentioned owners. The name harley davidson, harley, honda, yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki, zündapp, kreidler, hercules, puch, samson, dkw, ktm, miele, nsu, piaggio, vespa, garelli, all names and model numbers are registered trademarks and are in our offered exclusively mentioned for reference. In addition, all named named in our offers brand names and trademarks unconditionally owned by their respective owners and are used for reference purposes only. § 3 conclusion of the contract.

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This can be exercised by a buyer as long as no offer on the item or leave one. Minimum price was not reached. For fixed price items, the buyer accepts the offer by clicking on "Buy Now" and.

For fixed price items where the seller of the option "immediate payment". Chosen the buyer accepts the offer by clicking on "Buy Now" button and the. The buyer can also process more items. Assume as well as it (if available) to your basket and immediately item sets. For auctions, the buyer accepts the offer by placing an offer. Provided that the buyer after the expiry of the period to the highest bidder is. Offer expires if another buyer makes a higher bid during the offer period. In case of early termination of the offer by the seller comes between him and the. Higher bidder is a contract, unless the seller has the right to bid.

Remove and eliminate the current offers. The buyer's offers can not withdraw when presenting a legitimate reason. Withdrawal of legitimate offer is established between the users because after the auction, the.

Withdrawal application is again the highest bidder and the seller without a contract. In some categories, the vendor may have an offer quote feature. The price proposal function allows buyers and sellers to negotiate the price of an item. Concluded between the buyer and the seller. (3) purchase via the "immediate purchase" or "offer". By clicking on the buttons contained on the product pages "immediate purchase" or "offer" remains in the lead. Contract statements do not bind. Rather, the customer then has the opportunity to sound. Check the entries and correct button on the web browser on the "return" or purchase. Only with the delivery of the binding contract ceases to this possibility. A replacement link site that act through the contract. (4) purchase via the "price proposal". The "price proposal" function, the customer has the option of the seller an offer of. Submit by clicking on the article page "send a quote" on the. Next page enters in his price proposal, "check price proposal button and dials on. The following page "send propose price button confirms (binding). This price proposal is imbued two days of customer.

The contract is concluded, if the seller. Accepts the customer's price proposal. (5) the completion of the order and the delivery of all within the framework of the conclusion of the contract. Assure and above all not prevented by spam filters.

(1) The references in the respective offer prices and shipping costs are the final prices. Customers must pay, but not or the seller, but there competent customs. The customer is informed that the details before the order of the customs and. To ask the tax authorities. They depend on each other. Concrete purchase offer and information provided regarding shipping, are in progress. Order process are presented separately and paid by the customer, in addition, unless the. Free shipping and is promised. The shipping is the days from Monday to Friday 14.00 clock, geldeingaenge the Friday after 12.00 clock can be booked only to be delivered the following Monday.

Delivery time on delivery of parcels selected by us may be around 1 to 3 working days; then we have no control. We consider the binding agreed delivery times and we are responsible for this, we will be responsible for any damage repair detected by the customer.

This does not apply if the delay is caused by force majeure. We ship the item without cost customers for packaging, packaging materials, and also our time.

This is a voluntary service of our company, so we reserve ourselves packing and specially packing materials of all our available way to take. That is, it is possible that we sheets, different nature packaging (food, styrofoam, pe and pp) take so many movies. These are clean, no residue, only because of this fact, it is possible to offer us free packaging. We basically send a value of only 20.00 parcels insured that the product ist. Nur buy who only accepts then also assured enough for. If the goods require a customer sent the contractor, the risk passes to him as soon as we have the products of the past shipping officer's performance. Goods is for whatever reason sent back to us may'll be accepted in the original packaging. Is no longer exists or damaged reinforces we have up to 15% of the subtraction value to get the goods to make salable again. It is important to pay attention to returns to provide details such as the sender, invoice number, ref. And the reason for the return because the high cost zusäztlicher otherwise inappropriate poses that must be loaded up to 10% of the value. The software is delivered to the shipping carrier selected by us for time and cost reasons, the goods are removed from us from the packaging company. (3) the customer receives an invoice with vat. § 5 payment and delivery.

(1) the customer is mentioned in the specific offer payment options available. Cash and pick up the goods is possible provided in the description of the article of a usd noted rücklich.

(2) the delivery of goods in countries that or with individual items. Shipping from a usd are given rücklich. Except as provided in the description of the object or the. Information regarding the supplier of any other specified period shipping, delivery of goods. Within 3-5 working days after the conclusion of the contract, advance purchase after receipt of the complete. Purchase price and shipping costs. (3) Unless otherwise stated in the individual methods of payment, claims for payment are made on.

(4) for consumption is regulated by law, only the risk of accidental and accidental loss. Deterioration of the goods during transport until the delivery of the goods to the. Customer passes, regardless of whether the shipment is insured or uninsured occurs. For contractors, sourcing and shipping is at their own risk.

§ 6 the cost of return when exercising the right of withdrawal. In the case of the exercise of the legal cancellation rights apply to consumers to. Contracts at a distance, it is agreed that the customer must bear the cost of return. A, unless the goods are not. § 7 reservation, retention of title. (1) a lien can not be exercised by the customer, if he is the same claims. (2) the goods until full payment of the purchase price of the supplier. (3) for entrepreneurs, the following also applies.

A seller retains ownership of the goods until full settlement of all claims. From the business relationship continues. Before the transfer of property the goods is one. Pledge or for security purposes are not allowed.

B the customer can resell the goods in the normal course of business. The assignment to accept from the manufacturer. The client is also entitled to recover the debt.

As long as it fulfills its payment obligations correctly, the supplier reserves. However, the right to collect the claim. C when connecting and mixing the goods, the seller acquires ownership of the new. In proportion to the value of the invoice of the goods to other processed products. At the time of treatment.

D the supplier agrees to be entitled to the customer's request. Release, the realizable value of the securities of the provider to make their debt more. The choice of securities to be released to the supplier. (2) the customer is invited as a consumer, the products immediately after full delivery. Check obvious defects and damage and claims the seller and. As soon as possible inform the forwarder. If the customer is not compliant, it is not. Assign legal rights to guarantee.

(3) if the customer is a business, and notwithstanding paragraph 1. To apply merchandise status only their own information by the provider and the. The product description of the manufacturer as agreed, but no other advertising, public. Recommendations or statements made by the manufacturer.

B the customer is required of the goods quickly and with special attention to quality and. To examine the differences in quantity and obvious defects within 7 days of receipt of the. The seller's display merchandise written, the deadline, enough with the deadline. Also applies to found later latent vices of discovery. Reprimand the affirmation of warranty claims is excluded.

C in case of defects the supplier must at his choice by a repair or. If the repair fails twice, the customer may, at his discretion.

Reduce the demand or terminate the contract. In case of repair, the supplier must. Not support the increased costs resulting from the shipment of goods to a location other than the.

Place of performance, provided that the shipment is not the intended use of the product. The warranty period is one year from the date of delivery. The warranty period does not apply to the seller of attributable damage caused.

Attack to life, physical integrity or health, and gross negligence or intent. Damages or bad faith of the supplier, as well as claims for recourse pursuant to §§ 478, 479. (1) the supplier is liable in full for each damage to life, the body. Or the health, in all cases of intent or gross negligence, of fraudulent concealment. A defect in the granting of the guarantee of the quality of the item purchased, damage. Under the Product Liability Act and in all other cases defined by law. (2) If the essential contractual obligations are concerned, the supplier's liability is lighter in. Neglect on predictable damage, typical. Are essential obligations arising from the nature of the contract and the violation of the.

Would endanger the purpose of the contract and the obligations of the contract, the seller after his. Content for the purpose of the contract imposed, which makes the proper performance of the. Contract may often not be possible, and in which the client will rely.

(3) the liability for mere negligence is the case of insignificant contractual obligations. (4) the communication of data on the internet can not be error free according to the current state of the art. Be assured at all times to be available and / or. The supplier is responsible to the extent to be forever the continuous.

The continued availability of the website and the services offered there. § 10 applicable law, place of performance, jurisdiction. For consumers, this choice arises only in the measure by. Imperative provisions of the law of the country of habitual residence of the consumer. Is not deprived of the protection granted (favorability). (2) the performance of all aspects of the business with existing suppliers and the. Jurisdiction is the location of the provider, if the customer is not a consumer, but a merchant, legal. Public law entity or public special fund. The same thing applies if the. Customer does not have general jurisdiction in Germany or the European Union or domicile or. Habitual residence at the moment when the action is not known. To call another jurisdiction is not affected.

(3) the provisions of the United Nations purchase law of a usd rücklich do not apply. § 11 remarks on the disposal of batteries. In connection with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of equipment, batteries. The customer is required by law to return the batteries to the end users.

The supplier makes new batteries in the range or has received free delivery in stock. (delivery address) of the supplier's declaration. The symbols appear on the batteries have the following. The crossed out bin symbol indicates that the battery is not charged to household waste. Pb = stack contains more than 0.004 percent of the lead mass.

Cd = stack contains more than 0.002 percent by cadmium mass. Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury. No warranty on tuning parts.

A setting part is the variation in the performance or appearance of a vehicle, a vehicle part. We would like to point out that the separate pieces of options are built for the race. For use in the daily traffic of these parts are not designed despite modern methods of manufacturing very high quality and and is not acceptable.

More power means more wear and shorter engine life with all components. All manufacturers of adjustment for example malossi, polini, top racing, etc. Close all warranties after installation, unless there is one of the proven materials and workmanship. As this practice can no longer be detected, we emphasize to examine all tuning parts before installing exactly for errors or omissions. The complaint of a setting part after assembly is therefore almost impossible. At the expense of the customer, the corresponding party takes to the manufacturer of italy for example, Spain, Portugal sent. Here would be solved if there is a material or assembly errors. In particular, damage resulting from a defect, that affected engine components more solid, repair and towing costs are totally excluded. We ask for your understanding for these limitations, but in fact, we are natural for part of the race just a limitation of the warranty include. Ware is for whatever reason be sent back to us can not be accepted in the original packaging.

It is important to pay attention to the returns to the company as the sender, invoice number, article number to be specified. And reason for return, since the high cost zusäztlicher otherwise inappropriate poses that must be loaded up to 10% of the value. If the goods are damaged during the transport of the shipper to pay the costs. We attach great importance to the protection of your data and the protection of your privacy.

We therefore inform you about the collection and use of personal information when you use our. This context, no personal information. Collection, processing and use of personal data. We collect personal data details about a person's personal or material circumstances.

Physical person identified or identifiable only to the extent provided by you available. The processing and use of your personal data for the treatment of your. Order and process your requests. After completion of the performance of the contract, all personal data is the first.

Allowances for the periods of retention of the fiscal and commercial law stored then after the deadline. Deleted, unless you have consented to further processing and use. A transfer of your data to third parties without your usd consent of rückliche does not occur. This rule are our service partners that we use to fulfill the contractual relationship.

In these cases, we strictly comply with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act. Data transmission is limited to a minimum. Discovery, rectification, blocking and deletion of data. You always have the right to free information about your stored data and the right to. Notes on disposal of batteries. In connection with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of products containing refillable, we are obliged to draw your attention to the following points. You are legally obliged to return used batteries to end users. You can lose batteries, we hold new batteries in the range or have made no return charge to our warehouse (delivery address). The symbols appear on the batteries have the following meanings. The crossed-out bin symbol indicates that the battery should not be placed in the municipal dump. Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 percent by weight of lead. Special characteristics of the sale of starter batteries. The deposit is included in the price and will be shown separately in addition to the final price of the item on the invoice. Give us a return of the vehicle's battery, we perform according to § 9 battg as a new battery in the range or made perform, we are required by law, to redeem them for free and refund the deposit amount. So far we have issued in accordance with § 10 al. 1 sentence 3 beat a token, the refund of the deposit on return of the return of the deposit mark of the battery of the vehicle depends. Place of removal off is listed in the address contacts. A return of the old battery by mail is not permitted under the Dangerous Goods Regulations. Automobile batteries can also be delivered alternately free with recyclable and recycling centers. The deposit we collect is used by the public - recyclable and non-refundable legal recycling centers.

Please note the instructions above. These terms and conditions were created by the lawyers specializing in computer and händlerbund law. Permanently checked for compliance with legislation.

The Canadian Association of Brokers Management ltd guarantees the. The legal security of texts and responsible for warnings. Legal information of the seller norbert edinger norbert edinger akazienweg 17 neulußheim 68809 germany. Competence to reach from Tuesday to Friday from 15:00 until 18:00 clock. For less 06205/2871064 maritime issues for less 06205/2871066 technology issues we, our company of retailing landbell ag in mayence have reported according to the 5th amendment to the order.

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Subscribe to e-mails with the best offers from this seller. Vendors decide for themselves when to send these newsletters, but can send a maximum of one newsletter per week. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. "General" - Moped Garage Newsletter Subscribe to. We have made our company to our customers in the fields of: vintage moped moped moped kkr. Harley davidson custom parts offer very good quality at an affordable price. We offer our customers handling and shipping time very fast and easy to take back our product.

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and we are constantly working on a range expansion in terms of our customer base. For suggestions and reviews, we are open Tuesday through Friday of 15.00 clock for 17.00 wake up call for you to reach.

We provide more expert information questions about our products will be answered several times a day quickly technical questions regarding our range. We thank you for their trust and their purchase in our shop. There are often larger quantities or even parts that are not available in the shop ordered for you, just ask. The item "softy harley dyna touring sportster chrome blade skull cone axle propeller" is on sale since Thursday, January 11, 2018. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle parts, accessories \ motorcycle \ spare parts \ exhaust systems reinforcements, collectors, dowels ". The seller is "moped-garage" and is located in neulussheim. This item can be shipped to the following country: european union.
  1. brand: harley-davidson
  2. moped garage article number: 27342
  3. manufacturer: no-name
  4. manufacturer part number: not applicable

Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles   Harley Softail Dyna Touring Sportster Chrome Blade Skull Cone Propeller Axles